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Cheri Crause

Managing Director

Cheri Crause

  • Award-winning Developer
  • Award-winning Licensed Realtor
  • Former Certified Financial Planner

Cheri worked in financial services from 1987-2006.  During that time she marketed and sold many limited partnership units for investments in Real estate both in Canada and the US to clients.  In 2002 she achieved her CFP designation and on leaving practice in 2006 was managing a 32 million dollar portfolio for her clients. In 1997 she and her partner/spouse purchased their first investment property and went on to build up a portfolio of 13 properties at one time across 3 provinces. 

In 2007 Cheri became a realtor and has been involved in an average of 35 transactions per year. Cheri has received MLS awards for 11 of her thirteen years in the industry, working her way up from bronze to the top level of Gold.  

In 2014 Cheri and her partner/spouse started their first rental building project, a 20 unit apartment building in Langford, BC.  It was completed on Nov 1, 2015 and all units were leased and occupied by Dec 1, 2015.  All investors in that project were successfully paid back in full with solid returns. This was repeated in 2016 with a 30 unit building and in 2018 with  a 63 unit building.

Laurie Finnigan


Laurie Finnigan

  • Former Securities Trader & Financial Consultant
  • Visionary Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Investor

Laurie has spent the majority of her career in the financial services and real estate industry.  Laurie is a global minded, visionary entrepreneur, active real estate investor and continues to meet and exceed targeted goals and objectives. Laurie owns several income properties and has been involved in various real estate ventures such as buy and holds, fix and flips, acquiring multi family apartments and converting them to stratified condo’s, along with a small development project where she has converted a single-family dwelling into a strata duplex.   

Laurie has successfully collaborated in selling 60+ turnkey income properties to investors.

Laurie was the Founder of the Women Investing in Real Estate (WIRE) group, with the main objective to inspire and educate women to invest in real estate.  One of her recent achievements was Co-Producing the very first real estate expo in Victoria, B.C. in 2017.  Laurie has recently started a new development business with 3 partners, where they are planning to build a 20-30 unit apartment in Esquimalt, B.C., in the near future.

Liza Rogers


Liza Rogers

  • Connector
  • Founder, WREN
  • Innovative Entrepreneur and Investor

Liza Rogers has been working in real estate related industries for the past 5 years. 

For over 25 years Liza has been involved creating exceptional tourism and event experiences and she has transferred these skills into building her real estate community  Whether sharing, managing, or owning property, Liza has accumulated experience by creating housing for students, offering rooms to travelers, and hosting people relocating geographically. 

As the Founder of WREN, Liza feels compelled to provide opportunities for others, especially women, to find their own creative and collaborative ways to learn about and prosper from real estate and related markets. She loves to share information with other women so they can learn, be confident, be inspired to take action. While building this business, she gained more experience working at Spirit Bay, an intentional seaside community being developed in Sooke, BC.  

Among her achievements, Liza created and produced two successful Victoria Real Estate Expos. These events brought speakers in many real estate related fields, from non profit housing to passive investing together in a full scale expo/ conference style event. She is currently in the process of writing her first book about collaborative investing.

Joan Probert


Joan Probert

  • National Award Winning Project Manager
  • Real Estate & Facilities Manager
  • Conceptual Strategist

For the last 8 years, Joan has worked for the City of Vancouver with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Joan has recently moved from managing a $14M portfolio of commercial business operations to providing oversight and management to

the maintenance and capital investments of over 200 Park Board buildings, facilities, and assets as well as managing a team of over 100 employees in three different departments.

Joan has been an avid real estate investor over the last decade and has been successful in generating wealth with real estate investments both in Canada and the US. Over the last 5 years, Joan has taken her passion for real estate and has joined a number of real estate investing, training and networking groups including Keyspire, The Women’s Real Estate Network and The Real Estate Investment Network. Joan has also attended Mobile Home Park University and has a respected industry education on how to purchase and hold mobile home parks assets throughout the United States and Canada.

Joan holds a Bachelor Degree of Hospitality Management and has used that education in many senior roles in the event and hospitality industry for the last 25 years. One of her career highlights was working as Director of Operations at the Vancouver Convention Centre during the 2010 Winter Olympics where she was managed a $20M+ annual F&B Operations portfolio. She has also held senior positions in the hotel and  special events industry over the last 2 decades.


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In 2017, we took part in a 6 storey, 63 unit brand new purpose built rental apartment project. We knew they had a great track record. The general partner was able to sell the entire building to an institutional investor. The end result was 56% return over 31 months or 19% annualized return.

Mike Wenzlaff

Your expertise and on-going support made a considerable difference as we were navigating the complexities of our triplex purchase. With your consultation, we gained the confidence to keep moving and are happy to report we’ve completed the purchase of this great investment.

K. Brophy

I’ve invested in several development projects (with Cheri and Rick). I was provided with accurate projections, a thorough analysis of the marketplace, and monthly updates. The returns on my investments were at or above projected returns. My interests as an investor were always a priority. I appreciate the diligence, concern, and honesty that Cheri and Rick put into their projects and their relationships. I feel my investments are in trustworthy and capable hands.

B. Risto
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